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Comment, Literal, or; COBOL word. All character strings must be ended with separators. A separator is used to separate character strings. Frequently used separators − Space, Comma, Period, Apostrophe, Left/Right Parenthesis, and Quotation mark. Comment. A comment is a character string that does not affect the execution of a program. It can be any combination of characters. There are two ...

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In late 1962, IBM announced that COBOL is going to be their primary development language. COBOL edition 1965 introduces the facilities for handling mass storage files and tables; In 1968, COBOL was recognized and approved by ANSI standard language for standard commercial use. By 1970, COBOL had become the widely used programming language in the ...

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These statements can be simple statements or compound statements. If the condition returns a false value then the control does not go into the IF-block. In this case always remember that PERIOD(.) will only be used at the end of the last statement, to terminate the IF-block. Syntax: IF (Condition/s) Set of statements [END IF] Example:

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We have two types of comments here, the end-of-line comment and the block comment. An end-of-line comment terminates at the end of the line. A block line comment has a terminator and can continue for several lines, or be less than one line. Comments were called REMarks in BASIC. COBOL used a NOTE among other types of comments.

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WITH TEST AFTER is used to test the condition after executing the statements block. It simply executes the statements block without checking the condition. After one iteration completed, it validates the condition. i.e. The statements-block gets executed one time at least even though the condition is true for first time itself. AFTER -

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